Natalie's approach to healing is about treating the entire body and all its layers with integrated techniques that draw from a number of angles including sports science, psychotherapeutic touch, eastern philosophy and energy medicine.

Since 2012, Natalie has trained in Sports injury massage, Reiki, Pregnancy massage, Biodynamic psychotherapy, Acupressure and Kiom Therapy.

While studying biodynamic body psychotherapy, she became increasingly interested in the affects of trauma and emotion held in the body. She had a personal connection to this through her own experience after developing symptoms from anxiety, depression and other physical injuries as a result of an accident. Natalie was treated with Kiom Therapy and became hooked.

Natalie was lucky to be treated and taught by Aglaia Hernandez who has been developing the therapy since 2002 and is now on a quest for global healing domination! She is now available full time at Kiom Therapy Clinic London and, together with Aglaia who is taking Kiom to other parts of Europe, will be practicing and developing the therapy further.