Without pain for the first time in weeks

Just a word to thank you for your treatment on Tuesday - which was wonderful, as always.

The injury to my foot is almost completely better, and I can walk on it without pain for the first time in weeks. I am really grateful for your help. I was amazed, as always, by the way you went directly to the root of the problem and found ways of releasing the blockage. I had no idea that there were quite so many acupuncture points on the feet, nor that they could be so sensitive! It wasn't exactly a comfortable experience, but it felt "right" and satisfying to have the problem addressed so directly, precisely and effectively.

We also worked deeply on my ribcage and chest. I'm afraid I was a bit resistant at first - I'm not really sure why. It is maybe just that I hadn't had a treatment for some time, and was a bit closed up. Whatever the reason, I am really grateful to you for your persistence, however, and the way you used different angles to get into the sensitive areas. When you finally got fully into them, I felt a deep sense of release, which has persisted since the session. My breathing feels less constricted and I have slept better since the treatment. I am monitoring my peak breath flow at the moment, and it showed an improvement of about 10% in the days following the treatment, which has been maintained.

Although the session concentrated on two areas which looked at first sight to be unrelated, I was fascinated and impressed by the way you made links between the two - using points on the feet to open up related points in the chest before deep work there, for example. Overall a fantastic session - many thanks!

Spectacular care and treatment

I saw you in early April and I just wanted to thank you for your amazing treatment. I was the American woman runner who had an impinged nerve and you fixed me that very day!

I was able to race that Sunday after seeing you. More importantly, I was able to run in the Boston Marathon this week and ran a personal best!!  My time was 2:53:50 good for 8th in my age group and 73th woman overall.

I am so grateful for your spectacular care and treatment to get me running again.  So grateful!!

Kirsten Soloway
Exceptionally effective

Hi Eliza, just wanted to say a massive, massive thanks to James who initially matched my massage therapy needs with Aglaia and recommended her. I had my first session with her tonight, and she is PHENOMENAL. Besides being an exceptionally talented therapist, she was an absolutely perfect match for me holistically, and I could not be happier.

I have never had a therapist so accurately pinpoint every single one of my issues and set straight to work on them in a way I can already feel is exceptionally effective. I have never had anyone treat my therapy needs with such precision, and am incredibly impressed. My follow up sessions are already booked, and I'm very much looking forward to working through my old injuries and getting sorted out with Aglaia.

March 2014
Have now returned to full health

A friend recommended Kiom Therapy administrated by Aglaia Hernandez as a final action to try and help my injured body after a crash car accident left me in pain for 4 years, with constant headaches, reduction of mobility in my body, hand arthritis and low self steam.

After only 4 sessions at this clinic, my pain diminished by 75% and my self steam shot upwards and forwards to restore health in my body. After 6 sessions and 1 per month MOT as Aglaia calls it, I have now returned to full health and am enjoying my life again.

Her clinic is warm, welcoming, accommodating to my needs and a true enlightened experience. I won't go to anyone or anywhere else, she has the knowledge and experience to deal with all physical and emotional issues thought treating the body in a physical way.

July 2013
Profoundly improving the quality of my life

When I first sought treatment from Aglaia, I had on-going issues with my back due to a prolapsed disc. However, I really sought treatment from her because I felt “stuck”. In what way, I wasn’t sure. However, in hindsight, I can now see that the loss of my husband when I was 7 ½ months pregnant had been a huge emotional trauma that had not only affected me on a physical level but which affected my ability to really tap into my creativity and intuition. This therefore left me dealing with issues in a rational and analytical way, but not connecting with them emotionally.

Following treatment with Aglaia, not only has my physical well-being improved, but I am connecting the rational, the emotional and the creative energies. The knock on effect has been that I have now made decisions that have allowed me to move forward, are profoundly improving the quality of my life and my business.

I can recommend Aglaia and Kiom Therapy very highly. She is absolutely one of a kind.

The best that I have felt in years

I first came to Aglaia two years ago at time when I was facing many personal challenges and was feeling physically and emotionally unwell. I had no understanding of how she might help me; I only knew that I was desperate to feel better.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Aglaia has changed my life. She has a complete awareness of the connection between mind and body and she has been able to help me to release stress and emotions which have been ‘trapped’ for years! Her ability to instantly identify my needs is astonishing. No matter what treatment I receive I always leave feeling revived, balanced and energised. I feel the best that I have felt in years thanks to Aglaia’s healing hands.

Amazing feeling of well-being

In common with many of Aglaia's clients, I have visited several therapists over the years to treat recurring back pains, headaches and poor blood circulation in my feet. However, every time that I visited Aglaia for one of her therapy treatments, I feel great from top to toe both mentally and physically. This amazing feeling of well-being lasts for quite some time and helps me in every aspect of my life.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whatever physical or mental ailments you may suffer, Aglaia seems to have the answer. Words simply cannot do justice to these marvellous treatments.

Positive effect in many aspects of life

Since seeing Aglaia following a serious back injury, my recovery has accelerated allowing me to progress on a physical level much further than I thought possible, in fact beyond my prior capabilities.

In a natural manner, emotional issues have been exposed and resolved as a result of improved coping mechanisms, whilst I have become significantly more balanced with an increased awareness of underlying connections and strengthening internal energy flows. This has had a positive effect for me in many aspects of life.

Her charismatic, intuitive and considered approach creates an open, relaxing environment thus enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Feel so much better after the treatment

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic treatment last week - just what I needed. I am still feeling the positive effects of the work on my chest, which feels much more open. The points you worked on were a bit tender for a few days afterwards, but this was actually a useful reminder to me to keep breathing into them.

The work on my feet also hit the spot, they feel so much better after the treatment, more open and alive. So thank you once again, I really am grateful.

Allowed me to remain fully flexible

I was fortunate to be given a personal recommendation to see Aglaia in 2007, and have been going back ever since. Always attentive to my requirements, Aglaia has somehow managed to return my body to something close to what is was originally intended to do after numerous sporting injuries.

Her therapies are delivered in a wonderfully calm and composed manner, whilst providing such a high degree of professionalism. I would flatly refuse to see anyone else. In addition to the excellent hand-on therapies, I am very grateful for the continuous advice on stretching and bio mechanics - these have allowed me to remain fully flexible until my next appointment.

Paul H